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The Westside Christian Ministers Association (WCMA) is the fellowship of Christian Churches
in Taft. There are approximately 15 congregations that are actively involved in the Association.


We are an organization that not only desires to help, train, provide and change our society, but we
desire to be the Christ many need to see in our morally deprived world. Our mission is
simple...impact lives one person at a time. We desire to be the change that we want to see in
others. We desire to be the Christians that we want to see others become.


Project Restore is a mission to touch our entire community by choosing projects of home
improvement. Project Restore is a one-day, community-wide volunteer thrust. Those whose
homes are chosen for improvement will be impacted, the volunteers will be impacted and the
whole community will be elevated through acts of blessings. Those who become sponsors will
also be impacted, knowing that their goodwill has made such a positive difference in Taft.


The projects will be chosen based on these criteria: The occupant of the home must be the
homeowner and the entire project (including clean-up) must be able to be completed in one day.
Individuals are encouraged to nominate worthy projects for consideration.


Materials for the projects and any necessary permits will be paid for by the WCMA and any
other sponsors that see the value of giving a boost to our neighbors.


The preparation includes screening all of the projects to verify that they meet the criteria, obtain
all of the necessary permits, purchase all of the materials and have them on each job site before
November 11, have a team leader for each project who knows how to lead the team in
successfully completing the project and having a volunteer meeting before November 11 to form
teams and be assigned to a project.


Westside Christian Ministers Association
Project Restore 
November 11

Project Restore 2012
Project Restore 2012
Project Restore 2012
Project Restore 2012


Westside Christian Ministers Association

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